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It's Not Easy, Making An Easy Living Is It?

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Each one of us probably has a day-time occupation, perhaps a decent paycheck, a nice car and a family. We also have our morals and reputations to protect, friends to drink with and, presumably, a home to head to every evening. But though we all have unique lifestyles, nobody can truly tell our struggles when the blanket of darkness cover us!

Here, finally, is a film that depicts the unexplained and unexplained realities of life of a young, single and unlearned mother of today. 

Meet Sherry Graham, a young, desperate blonde who works as makeup saleswoman by the day and a sexy, ruthless alcoholic who sleeps with strangers by night. Sherry, the protagonist in Adam Keleman’s movie “Easy Living,” is optimistic a loving man and a venture will soon arrive and hold her hand for a fresh start. Unfortunately, her plans are foiled, and she becomes a hapless victim of circumstance!

I am the architect of my life!

Indeed she is; a nasty and unapologetic boozy whose young daughter, Alice stays at her sister’s place since 10 years ago. She had been making a tenuous living off cosmetics business during the day before retreating to her motel room for a book or steamy anonymous coitus with a stranger from the bar. But as the movie unfolds, you soon get to know the ironic understatement that is the name of this strange little flick!

Sherry (Caroline Dhavernas) is damn charismatic and endlessly fascinating in her high-risk sexual adventure escapades, yet entirely innocent. Naive as she is, the consummate professional, well-dressed, perhaps fashion-savvy, regularly put on outfits that match her wheeler suitcase, fights on with her makeup business. But as ironic as her character to the title “Easy Living” is, she never forgets to feed a poor stray dog outside her room.

Her drama-filled life is even more interesting, especially when the self-denial overcomes blinded belief and her sister issues her an ultimatum. Sherry is endlessly intriguing, whether trying to get a $250,000 loan which she’s promptly denied, or masturbating alone after another romp escapade gone badly. She even attempts to enter into a serious relationship, but her off-kilter partner appears disinterested. And there’s more to her tribulations!

A steely, naive and vulnerable lass

A personality study of someone who somehow can’t put her life together, “Easy Living” thankfully has zero cases of heavy and platitudinous bromides. “Easy Living” isn’t just another ironical film – it portrays a steely, naïve, vulnerable lass, comically. The whole movie is magnetic, though the final section when she’s held hostage does serve as an unfortunate anti-climax for this Adam Keleman debut film. “Easy Living” is 67% on Rotten Tomatoes.

If Comedy, Drama or Mystery and Suspense movies are your favorites, go watch “Easy Living” an 80-minute masterpiece. It is classic and subtle, recently released with this official YouTube trailer offering a little glimpse of it.

To watch Easy Living on iTunes, click here.

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